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Variable Life


Variable life insurance offers life insurance with the potential for greater cash value and death benefit growth than other types of permanent life insurance. Because you determine where your policy’s cash value is invested, you can take on more risk in exchange for greater potential growth.

Variable life insurance is uniquely flexible. With it, you can:
• Decide how you want the cash value that you build in your policy to be invested. You can choose from a variety of investment options across different asset classes, offering the potential for growth over time. These investment options may be subject to market fluctuations and may lose value.
• Select and change your death benefit option and amount, based on your policy’s provisions, to meet your changing needs.
• Choose to make higher or lower premium payments within certain limits. Of course, your policy value will increase or decrease accordingly.
• Utilize the cash value to meet financial goals.
• Transfer funds among your investment options, enabling you to adjust your strategy as your needs change during your life.
Variable life Insurance may be a good choice if you understand the risks associated with investing, have a long-term time horizon and are willing to continue paying adequate premiums over time