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Estate Planning


5 Desires of a Wealthy Person’s Estate Plan:

‣ Income and Estate Tax Savings
‣ Asset Protections
‣ Control
‣ Flexibility
‣ Family Responsibilities

Click here to see the Economic Growth & Tax Reconciliation Act of 2001 GST Rates

Executive Planning can help a client understand how to achieve their desired goals by utilizing such vehicles as:

‣ Asset Protection Trusts
‣ Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
‣ Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts
‣ Generation Skipping Trusts
‣ Charitable Remainder Trusts
‣ Promissory Note Sales

Repeal of the Federal Estate Tax? Unlikely!

Repealed 4 times previously:
‣ 1797-1802 (tension against France)
‣ 1862-1870 (Civil War)
‣ 1989-1902 (Spanish American War)
‣ 2010 (Tax Act of 2010)

Deficit at an all-time high

‣ $11.2 Trillion as of April 2009
‣ Deficit growing daily
‣ Each American’s share is $33,000

Even if it is repealed, trusts still provide the following benefits:

‣ Protect against reenactment of the Federal Estate Tax
‣ State death tax savings
‣ State income tax savings
‣ Ability to deduct investment fees (federal & state income tax savings)
‣ Asset protection
‣ Promotion of family values
‣ Life insurance—income tax planning